1. All boys’ matches are 25 minutes per half. All girls’ matches are 20 minutes per half. 11-a-side matches are 20 minutes per half.
  2. There is no restriction on the amount of “solos” or “hops” in a solo run.
  3. Girls may pick the ball directly off the ground. This does not apply when girls plays on a boys’ team in the small schools section.
  4. Girls must have both feet on the ground when they pick up the ball.
  5. All kicks are taken from the hand except (a) after a score (not applicable to girls), (b) a penalty or (c) a “45” (not applicable to girls). However, if both teams agree before the match to have all kicks (except penalties) taken from the hand this is permissible.
  6. All 15 a-side matches must be played on a standard juvenile pitch (approx 110ytsx70yds). In 11 a-side matches different sized goals should not be used in any circumstances. When matches are played on an all-weather pitch surrounded by boards, a sideline must be marked out with cones.
  1. The first named team in each draw has home advantage. The onus is on the home team to supply and pay the referee. The referee should be an official county referee. Failing the above the refereeing must be offered to the visiting team. N.B. Club coaches, club mentors, parents and transition year students are not permitted to referee schools
  2. From play-offs, quarter finals, semi finals etc the league will appoint referees. Both schools involved must share the cost at this stage.
  3. In the case of a dispute a written complaint must be lodged with the Secretary within 7 days of the match date.
  4. Mentors are urged to show courtesy and respect towards referees. Shouting and abusing referees is a very bad example to children and depicts our professionalism as teachers in a bad light. If the Coiste receives an official complaint from a referee the particular school/mentor involved will be dealt with severely.
  1. All schools should have their registration fee paid before the competition begins.
  2. Match reports can be sent to local media.
  3. The Fingal Schools League is based on teachers’ trust. We would hope that no teacher would play an illegal player in any competition. Should this be reported to Coiste na nGearáin, appropriate sanctions will be applied.
  4. All schools are expected to help out on Finals Day. This year’s dates are 12th/ 14th of May (Senior) and 26th May (Junior) TBC.
  5. Please read carefully the enclosed sheet re Sprioc-datai and motions passed at AGM.
  1. Cancellation:- A 24 hour notice must be given for a match cancellation, except for inclement weather. Failure to do this will result in the points being awarded by the Coiste to the other team subject to an appeal from the team who cancelled the match originally. Amendment 2007 AGM This appeal must be made in person to Coiste na n Gearain before the date of the next meeting.
  2. Schools should not give a walkover to another school. The Coiste are to keep an account of schools which give walkovers and fail to fulfill fixtures. These factors will be taken into account when next year’s leagues are being completed.
  3. If a match is cancelled due to inclement weather the fixtures for the following week will take precedence. The back match must be played at a time convenient to both schools but must not impinge on the official fixture schedule.
  4. All finals with the exception of the Premier Boys will be played across the pitch with two matches being played concurrently (2019 AGM).
  5. Age limit for senior competitions 2020:- children born on or after 1st January 2007. Age limit for junior competitions 2020 :- children born on or after 1st January 2008 and who are in 5th class or below (2011 AGM).
  6. Gum shields are compulsory for Fingal Schools matches (2013 AGM).
  7. Please ensure that children from your school do not racially abuse children from another school. If there is clear evidence of this, it must be dealt with by your school discipline policy and the opposing school and Coiste be made aware of this. (2013 AGM). However the general view expressed at the AGM was that where there is clear evidence and an unprovoked attack the child in question should be suspended for all remaining matches of the League.
  8. No school with more than 4 class teachers may play girls on a boys team (AGM 2019).

** Change to Rule No.8 **

Girls are only permitted to play on boys teams in Fingal League competitions where a school has not entered a girls teams in the girls league in the same season. (AGM 2020)